Oral communication brief definition question and answer

Oral communication brief definition question and answer:

What is oral communication?
Ans. Oral communication is the process of communication in which message or information is exchanged or communicated within sender and receiver through the word of mouth.

What is speech?
Ans. Speech is the formal talk that the speaker addresses through spoken language or words in front of the audience gathered in a place to hear message.

What is face-to-face conversation?
Ans. Face-to-face conversation is an informal discussion through spoken language or words on a particular issue among the people to exchanges their views freely and fairly with each other.

Define or what is interview?
Ans. An interview is a formal meeting between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information, qualities, attitudes, wishes etc. from the interviewee.

What do you mean by talking?
Ans. Talking is the oral expression between two or more person about the knowledge, ideas, viewpoints and emotions through oral words.

What do you mean by meeting?
Ans. Meeting is a situation in which two or more people meet together for formal group discussion about a specific problem, issues, predetermined topic.

What do you mean by notice?
Ans. Notice is formal written or an oral statement that contains notification or warning about a fact or an invitation to the concerned person for attending the meeting.

What do you mean by agenda?
Ans. Agenda is an items or issues prepared by the secretary and which are to be discussed or transacted in a forth coming meeting.

What do you mean by minute?
Ans. Minutes are the brief and complete official written record of all discussions which is held among the members of the meeting.

What do you mean by motion?
Ans. Motion is a formal proposal or an idea that is presented in a meeting for discussion, voted on and takes decision.

What do you mean by proxy?
Ans. Proxy means a person or a representative who is nominated for performing one’s duty in his or her absence. When a shareholder fails to attend in the AGM he has the right to appoint another shareholder as his proxy to cast vote for him.

What do you mean by Quorum?
Ans. Quorum is the minimum number of members or persons whose attendance or presence must be needed in a meeting.

What do you mean by resolution?
Ans. Resolution is a formal decision of a meeting on any motion placed in the meeting.

State some ways or medias of oral communication
Ans. Conversation, interview, speech, training, meeting, conference, telephone or mobile etc.

State some electronic or mechanical channel of oral communication
Ans. Telephone, Mobile or cell phone, Television, Video conference etc.

State some characteristics of a good speech
Ans. Clear, Informal talk, Concise, Audience oriented, Interesting etc.

State some advantage of speech
Ans. Easy understanding, Time saving, Cost saving, Development of relationship, Quick means, direct feedback etc.

What are the types of share holders meeting?
Ans. Statutory meeting, Annual general meeting, Ex-ordinary meeting

What are the types of directors meeting?
Ans. Board meeting, Committee meeting

Write the requisites of a valid meeting
Ans. Right Convening authority, Proper notice, Agenda, Requisite quorum, Presiding officer

Write the requisites of a valid notice
Ans. Signature of the authority, Time date and place, agenda, conciseness


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