What is interview letter? Meaning of interview letter

The letter that invites job applicants for facing interview is known as interview letter. After receiving job applications from the potential candidates, the employer writes interview letter to those candidates whose applications have passed the initial screening stage. Through this letter, the employer informs the applicants either to sit for a written test or to appear before a viva-voce. This letter is written in the official pad of the company or in the page containing company name and address at the top.

what is interview letter

Contents of interview letter

Every interview letter must contain the following elements:

  1. Name and address: Interview letter must carry the name and full particulars of the candidate. It should be sent to the present address of the applicant. Both inside and envelope address should be similar. Sometimes, both present and permanent address of applicant is written at the top of the interview letter.
  2. Time of interview: Date, day and time of interview should be clearly mentioned in the interview letter.
  3. Place of interview: Interview letter should clearly indicate the place or venue where interview will take place.
  4. Documents to be produced: Sometimes the interviewee needs to produce academic certificates, experience certificate, birth certificate, photographs, copy of publications etc. before the interview board. Interview letter must state whether the candidates need to bring such documents.
  5. Other instructions: Interview letter should also specify whether the interviewees would be provided with transportation allowance (TA) or any other allowance.



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