Importance of Circular Letter

Circular letter is one of the most important letters which is written most frequently. Its importance in business requires no explanation. A well-furnished circular letter is quite able to win the hearts of many customers at a time. It contributes a lot to combat competition. The importance of circular letter in modern business is discussed below in the light of advantages it provides:

Sending message to mass people: The foremost advantage of circular letter is that it is able to send message or information to a large number of people at a time at a cheaper rate. In fact it provides the advantage of mass communication.

Cost-effective: Circular letter is a cost-effective method of sending message. Since it can send message to a large number of readers at a time, the reaching cost per reader is reduced tremendously. It in fact, saves money of the organization.

Saving time: Circular letter not only saves money but also saves time. By it a message can be sent to a good number of audiences at a time, hence it saves time of sending message to individual person or customer.


Creating market: Circular letter helps to create new market for existing or new products and services. The message circulated by this type of letter arouses interests in the minds of the people and thus it creates new market for products or services.

Pervasive medium: Circular letter is one of the pervasive media of communication. It can reach everyone irrespective have of age and can reach every corner of any location. Mass people can get information from it very easily and very rapidly.

Prompt publicity of product or service: Circular letter helps publicize goods and services to mass people very swiftly by circulating interesting and amazing news to them. It also produces prompt feedback from the respondents.

Business or market expansion tool: Circular letter is an important tool used for expanding business and market. News related to product, service and customer is given to a large number of people that help to expand the business or market base of a company.

Introducing new product or service: Circular letter is widely used to introduce a new product or service to the mass people or target market so that they show their interest towards it. Product or service information, technological advancement, quality etc are included in the circular to impress the prospective buyers.

Increasing the goodwill of the company: Through circular letters the customers are informed about the social welfare activities, quality of the products, quality of the products, sponsorship in different areas etc. of the company. It enhances the goodwill of the company to the mass people.

It is clear from the above discussion that the importance of circular letter in business is inevitable. We should materialize the advantages provided by it to get the maximum benefit from it.


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