Types of Market Report | Classification of Market Report

Market reports may be of different types in terms of products, structure of the reports and nature of the users of the reports. For convenience, market reports are mainly classified into the following three categories: a. Market report based on product and service b. Market reports based on organization and c. Market report based on time.

Market reports based on product and service: These types of market report can also be classified into the following three categories.
Types of Market Report

  1. Market report on industrial goods: Industrials goods are those that are not used in consumption but used in producing consumer goods. When reports are prepared containing market transactions on any industrial goods, these are termed as market reports on industrial goods. Market reports on jute, petroleum, coal etc. are the examples of market report on industrial goods.
  2. Market report on consumer goods: The reports that contain market transactions on agricultural and manufactured consumer goods are known as market reports on consumer goods. By nature these reports are of following two types.
  • Market report on agricultural consumer goods: When a market report contains market information on various agro products, such as pulses, fish, meat, vegetables etc. it is termed as market report on agricultural consumer goods.
  • Market reports on industrial consumer goods: This type of market report includes transactions only on industrial consumer goods, such as oil, soap, garment, shoe, television etc.

3. Market reports on service provided: Sometimes market reports are prepared by incorporating various data on different service-provider companies, like banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies etc. These reports are known as market reports on service provided.

Market report based on organization: Report may be of various types on the basis of the nature of organizations. Some of these are discussed below:

  1. Stock exchange report: When reports are prepared by incorporating transactions occurred in any stock exchange, are known as stock exchange report. Dhaka Stock Exchange Report, Chittagong Stock Exchange Report etc. are the examples of stock exchange report.
  2. Money market report: When reports are prepared on the basis of information such as buying capacity of currency, exchange rates, demand and supply of various currencies know as money market report. These types of reports may be of the following two kinds: Local currency market report and foreign currency market report. Dhaka Currency Market Report, New York Currency Market Report etc. are the examples of currency market report.

Market report based on time or period: Different market reports are prepared for different duration of time depending on the nature of market conditions, durability of market etc. The followings are the frequently prepared market reports based on time:

  1. Daily market report: Daily market report is prepared by incorporating various market transactions of a particular product in a particular market place in a day. Generally, these types of reports are prepared for the products of daily essentials and for the products whose prices change frequently. Daily reports on rice market, fish market and Stock Exchange etc. are the examples of daily report.
  2. Weekly market report: Weekly market report is prepared by incorporating transactions occurred in a particular week in a particular market place and on a particular product.
  3. Fortnightly market report: This type of report generally prepared by mentioning transactions occurred bi-weekly in a particular market place.
  4. Monthly market report: Monthly market report is generally published at the end of the month mentioning the market conditions and transactions of that month.
  5. Annual market report: Annual market report presents transactions on a product occurred in a particular year in any market. This type of report is generally prepared in analytical form and covers detailed information relating to overall transactions, buying, selling, supply, demand etc. of a particular product in a particular market for a year.

Structure of a Market Report | Various Parts of a Market Report

An effectively written market report is regarded as the storehouse of various market information. So it is necessary to follow a definite structure in writing an effective market report. The structure of an effective market report is composed of various parts. The various parts or, structure of a market report are presented below:

Structure of a Market Report

The above parts are discussed below:
Structure of a Market Report
Various Parts of a Market Report

A. Introduction: Introduction is the first part of market report. This part contains information like name of the report, name of the market, name of the product, duration of market, date of preparation and publication of report etc. Here name of the market is written as ‘Dhaka Stock Exchange’ and name of the product is written by mentioning its characteristics and qualities.

B. Opener or Opening: In this section, reporter presents overall market condition that is trend of price changes during the market period. It helps the reads to know about the price condition of the product.

C. Body: This is the main part of a market report. It consists of the following sub-parts:

  • Causes of Market Tendency: Here causes of price fluctuation are mentioned along with overall tendency of price changes.
  • Demand of the Product: In this section, product’s demand and changes in demand during the market period are mentioned elaborately.
  • Supply of the Product: This section presents supply condition of the product in details. If any hindrance is observed in the way of normal supply that should also be mentioned here.
  • Stock Condition: Here opening stock, new supply added during the market time and closing stocks are clearly mentioned.
  • Nature of transaction: Product may be traded on spot or future transaction. Whatever the method of transaction is, it must be mentioned here.
  • Price Level: This section provides average price changes of the product during the market period.
  • Price Index: Here a schedule containing opening, closing, highest and lowest prices of the product during the market period is attached.

D. Conclusion: In this section of market report, the reporter provides his own analytical opinion regarding the overall market condition. Here the reporter can also include his neutral and foreseeing estimate regarding the future market conditions such as future price, demand, supply etc.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that in order to write an effective market report, the above contents should be arranged in the report in a logical and sequential way.