Arrangement of Contents in Letter Report and Memo Report

Arrangement of Contents in Letter Report The general format of letter report is like a letter. It is usually typed on the company’s letterhead. Depending on the subject, its length may range from two to five pages. Contents of a letter report are arranged in the following sequence: Date: Letter report begins with the date […]

What is Market Report? Characteristics of Market Report

What is Market Report? Market is regarded as the heart of economy. When reports are prepared on the basis of ever-changing behavior of market, it is known as market report. Thus, market report is a written document containing information related to the transactions of a particular product in a particular market. Generally, market report is […]

Essential Elements of Market Report | Factors of Market Report

Preparing market report is a complex and specialized task. A haphazardly prepared report cannot attract the attention of the readers and fails to satisfy the demand of the readers. For this reason, it should be prepared by incorporating the following elements: Title: A market report must have an appropriate title. From the title, the reader […]