Various Styles Reading or Techniques of Reading

Reading is a great habit that can change human life significantly. It can entertain us; amuse us and enrich us with knowledge and experiences narrated. There exist some reading techniques, which if mastered at a growing stage can help us, be better and far more comprehensive readers.

These skills might not necessarily be learned as rigid theories or rules but if understood well once they can definitely enhance the reading skills and increase the quality and quantity of output that we get from after reading. The followings are some styles or techniques of reading used in different situations.

Active Reading: Active reading aims to get an in depth understanding of the text. Under this technique, the reader actively involved with the text while reading it. Getting in depth knowledge on the text at hand is not possible by reading to skim through or scan through the text.

Structure-Proposition-Evaluation: This is an interesting reading technique suggested by Mortimer Adler is his book how to read a book. This reading technique is mainly applicable to non-fiction writing. This technique suggests reading as per the three following patterns”

  1. Studying the structure of the work
  2. Studying the logical propositions made and organized into chains of inference
  3. Evaluation of the merits of the arguments and conclusions

Speed Reading: Speed reading is actually a combination of various reading methods. The aim of speed reading is basically to increase the reading speed without compromising the understanding of the text reading. Some of the strategies used in speed reading are as followings:

  1. Identifying words without focusing on each letter
  2. Not to sounding out all words
  3. Not sub vocalizing some phrases
  4. Spending less time on some phrases than others
  5. Skimming small sections.

Skimming: This reading technique is used for getting the gist of the whole text read. We generally use this technique at the time of reading newspaper or magazines. Under this technique, we read quickly to get the main points and skip over the detail. It is useful in getting a preview of a passage before reading it in detail or reviving understandings of a passage after reading it in detail.
Various Styles Reading
Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review: This method aims facilitating a clear understanding of the text that the reader would be able to teach whatever he has learned during the process of reading. The process involves five different steps, which are as following:

  1. Survey: Survey involves getting a quick idea on the whole writing piece. For example, reading the introduction or summary of a book will be enough to get an idea on the book.
  2. Question: We are not just reading the words or looking at the words but are actually trying to make out the underlying meaning of the text. So we should prepare questions in our mind and look for the answers while reading the text.
  3. Read: The reader should read selectively if they are looking for any specific
  4. Recite: The reader should answer the questions in his own words using only the key words that are required to sum up the complete idea.
  5. Review: The reader should review the entire things in his mind.

Scanning: Scanning through the text is a reading strategy that is used for getting some specific points by looking at the whole text. For highlighting the important points of a look the readers can skim through the summary or the preface or the beginning and ending chapters of that book. For example, this technique is used for looking up a name from the telephone guide book.

Detailed Reading: This technique is used for extracting information accurately forms the whole text. Under this technique, we read every word for understanding the meaning of the text. In this careful reading, we can skim the text first for getting a general idea and then go back to read in detail. We can use a dictionary to find the meaning of every unfamiliar word.

Meaning of Letter | Meaning of Commercial Letter | Business Letter

Letters are the most widely and commonly used means of written communication. It is perhaps the most traditional written tool for conveying message. When someone writes or prints message on a piece of paper and sends it to others, it is called letter. Letter can be sent directly hand to hand or by means of post or mail or by using any other electronic media. Despite the availability of various modern quick and convenient means of transmitting message, letters are as important today as they were centuries ago. Its usefulness and importance are still increasing with the growth of business.

According to Oxford Dictionary, “A letter is a written message addressed to a person or an organization usually put in an envelope and sent by post.”

By nature, letters are of two types namely- personal letter and business letter. The letter written to relatives or friends for exchanging personal matters is called pentagonal letter. On the other hand, the letter that contains business related information is known as business as business or commercial letter.
Meaning of Letter Meaning of Commercial Letter Business Letter
From the above discussion we can say that a letter is a written or printed message on a piece of paper which is complied by someone and sent to others with a view to providing them with those written or printed messages.

Meaning of Commercial Letter or Business Letter

The letter that contains business related information is called commercial letter or business letter. Through this letter, businesspersons exchange business related information among them. Such letters are written to various business firms, business associations, government offices, banks, customers, suppliers, and employees’ etc. business letters are generally aimed at selling goods, obtaining information or advice, making inquiry, mollifying the injured feelings or customers, placing orders for goods, reminding customers for payment of dues etc. Some definitions on business letter are quoted below-

According to Hanson, “The letters which are exchanged among businessmen in connection with business affairs are called business or commercial letters”

In the language of Weston, “Commercial correspondence is a system of conducting business transactions by means of writing.”

In conclusion, we can say that the letters which are written among the businessmen for exchanging business related information are known as business letters or commercial letters.