Principe Factors of Writing Market Report

Principles mean proven guidelines in performing a task. Preparing report is a complex and specialized task. Therefore some principles should be followed in preparing market report. Some important principles or considering factors in preparing market report are discussed below: Simplicity of language: Language of market report should be simple and easy so that the readers […]

Importance of Market Report

Market report is regarded as the mirror of the economic condition of a country. An effectively prepared market report presents the entire market conditions relating to buying and selling of a particular product to the readers. In this way, it helps the readers in taking their own decisions. It is also important in many other […]

Types of Market Report | Classification of Market Report

Market reports may be of different types in terms of products, structure of the reports and nature of the users of the reports. For convenience, market reports are mainly classified into the following three categories: a. Market report based on product and service b. Market reports based on organization and c. Market report based on […]