Functions of a Private Secretary

It is impossible to formulate a specific list of functions of private secretary. The functions of a private secretary mainly depend on the nature of his employer’s business. He has to perform as he is asked by his master. However, the following functions are generally performed by the private secretaries:

  • Routine Office Works: Private Secretaries are mainly responsible for performing various routine office works of their respective employers. Sending and receiving letter filling indexing sand preserving the important papers and documents taking dictations and composing them in computer etc are the main office works of a private secretary.
  • Maintaining Public Relations: Privet secretary acts as the mouthpiece and liaison officer of his employer. He attends the guests and visitors conducts correspondences receives telephone calls and arranges meetings and interviews in favor of his employer.


  • Fornications Related to Meeting: Private Secretary also performs various activities related to meeting on his employer’s behalf. He prepares and distributes notice and agenda of the meeting arranges and decorates the meeting place assists the employer in conducting the meeting session writes the minutes of the meeting etc.
  • Maintain Accounts: Sometimes a private secretary maintains the accounts of income and expenditure of his employer. He looks after the personal income and expenditure bank accounts, etc. and also pays out the insurance premium utility bills etc. of his employer.
  • Performing some literary duties: Some private secretaries require to prepare draft of the report and speech for their employers, even some private secretaries write many creative stories drama biological stories etc on the basis of their employer’s oral description.
  • Arrange the daily work and tour schedule: Another important function of private secretary is to arrange the daily work and a tour schedule of his employer.
  • Accompanying the employer: Sometimes private secretaries require accompanying their employers in their official tour.
  • Other functions: Private Secretaries also perform many other personal and official duties of their masters such as-
    • Looking after the children of the employers
    • Attending the guests and visitors of the employers
    • Informing the employers about their participation in different programs.


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