Forms of Short Reports in Communication

Short reports can be drafted in two different forms. These are letter form or letter report and memorandum form or memo report. Letter Reports A letter report is a report written in letter form. That is this report is drafted by following the format of a letter and includes date, inside address, subject line, salutation, […]

Arrangement of Contents in Letter Report and Memo Report

Arrangement of Contents in Letter Report The general format of letter report is like a letter. It is usually typed on the company’s letterhead. Depending on the subject, its length may range from two to five pages. Contents of a letter report are arranged in the following sequence: Date: Letter report begins with the date […]

What is Market Report? Characteristics of Market Report

What is Market Report? Market is regarded as the heart of economy. When reports are prepared on the basis of ever-changing behavior of market, it is known as market report. Thus, market report is a written document containing information related to the transactions of a particular product in a particular market. Generally, market report is […]