What is circular letter? Importance or advantages of circular letter

Circular letter is one of the oldest types of letters. This kind of letter originated in ancient time when people felt the necessity of circulating any message to a large number of people at a time in the same way.

Generally, the letter that is used to circulate any special message to a huge member of audiences at the same time is known as circular letter. It is one of the cost-effective means of circulating information or introducing new products to mass people. However, circular letters are not only used in business, but also in social, political and personal affairs.

Prof. W. J. Weston said, “A circular letter is one which is meant to be read by a number of correspondents. It is of the nature of an advertisement and is usually a business announcement or an attempt to advance business.”

From the above discussion we can say that circular letter is a kind of written announcement that is distributed to a large number of people to convey any commercial or non-commercial message at minimum time, costs and efforts. Drafting circular letter is purely an art. It should be drafted in such a way that can attract readers’ attention and can serve its purpose.


Importance or advantages of circular letter

Circular letter circulates information relating to a company, its products and services etc. to a large number of people at a time. It plays an important role in the growth and development of business. Its importance is briefly discussed below:

  1. Easy method of conveying information: Circular letter is the most easy, simple and effective way to convey any information to a huge number of people.
  2. Achieving economy: Circular letter can be used for wide publicity of products. As a result, organizations can save cost of sending letters to different parties separately and can gain economy.
  3. Saving time: Circular letter transmits information to a large number of people at a time. It does not require reaching each individual separately. Thus, it saves time.
  4. Less effort: Circulating information to each individual separately is a time consuming and laborious job. Circular letter helps to overcome this problem. Through circular letter, we can communicate with large number of people at a minimum effort.
  5. Creating market: Through circular letter, a company can inform potential customers about its products and services. In this way, new market can be created.
  6. Increasing consumer’s confidence: Convincing and attractive circular letter can easily touch the reader’s heart and thus helps to enhance consumer’s confidence on the company’s products.
  7. Creating public consciousness: In circular letter, information like price, quality, utility, place of availability, etc. are mentioned in detail that makes people more conscious about the product.



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