Meaning of Demi-Official Letter | Features of Demi-Official Letter

Meaning of Demi-Official Letter

The official letter that contains some personal information along with official information is known as demi-offical letter. This letter is generally written by compiling both official and some sort of personal messages. In writing this letter officially recognized rules, procedures and structure are not followed.Meaning of Demi-Official Letter

Though this letter includes both personal and official information, official information gets the prime focus. People holding the same position or rank usually exchange this type of letter. In this letter, the receiver is addressed by name.

Features of Demi-official Letter

Demi-offical letter generally contains the following features:

  • Mixed Style: Demi-official letter is written by condensing both the styles of official and personal letters.
  • Structure: This type of letter does not follow any established structure. Writers can follow any structure as they think.
  • Existence of personal relationship: This letter is written on the basis of personal relationship between the sender and the receiver though they are formally related.
  • Language: Use of language in this letter depends on personal relationship between sender and receiver. It is not written by using traditional official language.
  • Using first person: Demi-official letter generally uses first person like I and We.
  • Presentation: In this letter, no predetermined method of presentation is used. Message can be arranged in any format depending on the sender’s choice.
  • Message: Demi-official letter contains both personal and official messages where as official letter deals with only official information.
  • Us of salutation and complementary close: Use of salutation and complementary close in demi-offical letter depends on personal relationship between sender and receiver.
  • Copy: This letter is neither copied nor distributed.
  • Appeal: Its appeal is limited do this specific receiver. In the absence of the receiver, this letter has no utility.


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