What is Speech? | Planning of speech

Meaning of speech: Speech means what the speaker says in front of the audience. It is fully audience-oriented system. Generally the political leaders, the managers, the business man or the workers’ leaders use this system sometimes. It can build tension or it can relax tension. This system is practiced in public gathering, at company meetings, inauguration and seminars etc. It needs to considerable skills otherwise it is not effective.

So, speech is the formal talk that the speaker addresses through spoken language words in front the audience gathered in a place to hear massage.

Characteristics of a good speech

The important characteristics of a good speech are as follows:

  • Clear: Clarify is the first major characteristic of a good speech. Successful of speeches are fully dependent on the clarity of the idea. Otherwise it will bring a bad result.
  • Informal talk: A good speech is closer to a personal and informal chat between two intimate friends. When somebody speaks, there should be a perfect report between the speaker and the audience.
  • Concreteness: Abstractions kill a speech. The successes of the speeches are depended on its concreteness.
  • Concise: The concentration of an average audience does not last more than fifteen to twenty minutes. So the speeches should be concise.
  • Interesting: Quotations anecdotes and humorous touches often make a speech interesting quotations should be only form accepted authorities. They should be familiar but not worn-out. Anecdotes should be new, brief and in good taste. Humor should be topical, spontaneous and gentle.
  • Audience-oriented: A good speech is always tuned to the wavelength of the audience. Before giving the speeches the speaker consider some the points carefully that means is the audience general or specialized one or how large the audience or what is the age group of the listener and what are the social, religious, political and economic views of the listeners.

What is Speech

Preparation or planning of speech

Most of the people do not feel comfortable speaking before others. With effort, everybody can improve their speaking quality. Preparation should always start well in advance. In presenting a good speech the following steps should be followed:

  • Selection of the topic: The first step in the formal speech morning is to determine the topic of the presentation. Before selection of the topic at first the speaker should consider his knowledge about the topic than they will consider the interest of the audience. Where the topic will be presented and lastly he should consider the occasion. The selection should be justified by all above factors.
  • Preparation of the presentation: After selection of the topic the speaker should gather the information that the he needs for this speech. After collection of the information the speaker should organize the information. In presentation stage the greeting usually comes first and gain attention in the opening. In the second stage the speaker prepared the main body of the speeches and lastly conclusion. In the introductory stage the speaker can use the gossip, humor, quotations, questions etc. The middle should be devoted to the discussion and in conclusion it should summarize the main points.
  • Determination of the presentation method: With the speech organized, the speaker is ready to prepare its presentation. At this time, the speaker needs to decide on the method of presentation that is, whether to present the speech extemporaneously, to memorize it or to read it.
  • Audience analysis: One requirement of good speech making is to know the audience. The speaker should study his audience both before and during the presentation.
  • Appearance and physical actions: When the listeners hear the speech, they are looking for the speaker. What they see is a part of the message and can affect the success of the speech. The speaker should understand the communication effects of the listeners see. The speaker must be careful about the communication environment, personal appearance, posture, walking, facial expression, get gestures etc.
  • Use of voice: Good voice is an obvious requirement of good speaking. Like physical movements, the voice should not hinder the listener’s concentration on the message. More specifically, it should not detract attention from the message. The speaker should be careful about lack of pitch variation, lack of variation in speed, lack of vocal emphasis and unpleasant voice quality etc.


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