What is vertical communication? Types of vertical communication

Within an organization when communication occurs among persons of different positions, stage system vertical communication. It is a kind of internal communication. In this type of communication, information moves completely and from bottom to top. When information moves all the way through or from superiors to subordinates, it really is known as downward communication. On the other hand, when information flow form bottom to top or form subordinates to superiors, stage system upward communication. Here information may be transmitted through formal or informal channels.

In the following, we are quoting some definitions of vertical communication;
L. C. Bovee and his associates opined, “Vertical communication is a flow of information up and down the organizations hierarchy.”

According to Stoner and Freeman, “Vertical communication consists of communication up and down the organization’s chain of command.”

Ricky and W. Griffin defined, “Vertical communication is communication that flows both up and down the organization, along formal reporting lines.”

The following diagram represents the vertical patterns of communication:

What is vertical communication and Types of vertical communication

In conclusion, we can say that vertical communication occurs when information flows either form superior to subordinates or form subordinates to supervisor within an organization structure.

Types or Varieties of vertical communication

When information flows from superiors to subordinates or from subordinates to superiors, method Vertical communication. In accordance with its nature, vertical communication is especially classified inside the following 2 types:

These two types of communication are explained below:

Downward communication

Downward communication occurs information flows much better than subordinates. Superiors send information, orders, instructions, decisions, etc. for their subordinates through downward communication. Downward communication could possibly be of written or oral. Written forms of downward communication are manuals, handbooks, notices, electronic news displays, etc. whereas, face-to-face conversation, telephonic conversation, speeches, meetings, etc. include the oral media of downward communication.

Upward communication

Upward communication occurs when information flows from subordinates to superiors in the organization hierarchy. The aim of upward communication is usually to provide information for the managers from subordinates. Generally, subordinates convey their failings, attitudes, opinions, suggestions, complaints, etc. making use of their superiors through this communication. Upward communication is initiated with the lower to the next stage the organization and reaches the content up the management hierarchy.


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