What is Order Refusal Letter? | Specimen of order refusal letter

Meaning of order refusal letter

When a seller writes a letter to the customer expressing his inability to supply the ordered goods, it is known as order refusal letter. Although sellers expect more and more orders from customers, they may not entertain all the orders placed by customers. In some cases, sellers reject orders. In that situation, they need to write order refusal letter. Thus, order refusal letter informs the customer that the seller could not grant his order.

Though refusing order is an un-friendly business practice, the sellers often do so. Such refusal may arise due to various reasons such as, legal restriction on delivering goods to some specific locations, shortage of stock, suspicion about buyer’s financial credibility etc. whatever is the cause of refusing order, the language of the letter should be courteous and friendly.

Reasons for order refusal

There may have various reasons for refusal of an order. Some of these causes are as follows:

  • If the ordered items are not available to the seller
  • If the seller has not sufficient stock of the ordered items
  • If there is legal restriction on delivering goods to that specified location
  • If the seller is in doubt about the financial credibility of the customers
  • If the customer includes any condition in the order letter that was not discussed and settled earlier
  • If the seller is dissatisfied with the previous dealings of the customer
  • If the seller has changed the nature of his business
  • If the seller has no credit sales policy, but the customer proposed to by on credit

Specimen of order refusal letter

Specimen: Assume that you are the manager of M.H. Publications (Pvt.) Ltd, 38 Bangla Bazar, 2nd Floor, and Dhaka. Bangladesh Commerce College has placed an order for some books to your company. Write an order refusal letter addressing the librarian of The Bangladesh Commerce College.

What is Order Refusal Letter-Specimen of order refusal letter
What is Order Refusal Letter-Specimen of order refusal letter


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