Suggestions for improving the effectiveness of claim letter | Characteristics of good claim letter

A claim letter possesses the general qualities of a good commercial letter like completeness, conciseness, use of easy and simple language etc. however, a good claim letter is one that has the following characteristics:

  1. Fair claim: An effective claim letter contains a realistic, fair and honest claim or request. If the buyer makes any unfair claim, it proves his dishonesty. As a result business relationship between buyer and seller may end.
  2. Showing confidence upon the seller: The buyer should be confidant that seller will accept his claim. Such confidence will motivate the seller to settle the claim with due consideration.
  3. Free form anger: An effective claim letter never shows anger to the recipient. Anger or antagonism reduces the chance of getting compensation.
  4. Inclusion of facts courteously: A good claim letter states all relevant facts logically. Courteously and impersonally. It includes neither exaggerated nor irrelevant facts.
  5. Definite request: An effective claim letter makes a definite request. Such request may be of the followings:
    • Replacement of the product or service.
    • Partial or full refund of the purchase price of the product or service
    • Replacement of shipments
    • Cancellation of an order or part of the order
    • Correction of an error in bill
  6. Free from guess and opinion: It is unwise to guess or to give opinion holding any specific person responsible for the damage. The letter should be written impersonally and the charge of detecting the responsible persons should be given to the seller.

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