What is communication model? Functions of communication model

What is communication model?

A model can be defined as a visual presentation that identifies, classifies and describes various parts of a process. In the communication process, sender, message, media and receiver are associated. Communication process starts with the transmission of message by communicator and end with receiver’s feedback. When this communication process is represented through a line or picture, it is called communication model. In other words, pictorial presentation of communication process is known as communication model.

The simple model of communication consists of a sender, message and receiver. However, this simple model ignores many other parts of communication process. So by incorporating all parts of communication process, a comprehensive communication model is presented below:

What is commnication model

In communication model, various parts of communication process are depicted in a sequential and rational way.

In fine, it can be summed up that communication model is a diagrammatical presentation of communication process. It is the logical settings of the elements of communication process.

Functions of communication model

Communication model refers to the visual representation of communication process. Communication model performs certain functions in developing communication skills and efficiency. Some important functions of communications model are mentioned below:

  1. Teaching the elements of communication process: Communication model represents various elements involved in sending and receiving message. So from communication model, one can learn various aspects of communication process. For this reason, it is said that communication model teaches communication process.
  2. Conducting research: The second important function of communication model is to help in conducting research in the field of communication. Communication model presents various aspects of communication logically that help the researchers are in understanding the pattern of communication. So with the help of communication models, the researchers can undertake communication research programmers and perform those efficiently.
  3. Predicting the success or failure of communication process: Another function of communication model is to predict or forecast the success or failure of a particular communication process. Through this model, one can ascertain the causes of success or failure of communication.

Importance or objectives of communication model

Communication model has evolved to understand the communication process. It helps to understand the important aspects of communication. Some points highlighting the importance or objectives of communication model are given below:

  1. Easy understanding of communication process: Communication model helps to understand the communication process easily and logically.
  2. Showing information flow: Communication model shows how information flows form one person to another in the organization.
  3. Introducing the parts of communication process: Communication model is also helpful to orient the various parts of communication process to its readers.
  4. Easy presentation of communication process: Communication process is a complex issue. Through a model, this complex issue can be presented easily.
  5. Understanding the communication complexities: Complex issues of commutation process cannot be show in the communication model. Comparing these complexities with the model, one can measure the degree of complexities in a given communication issue.

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