Different types of written communication

The Medias of written communication can be classified as follows:

A. Media of written communication to management:

  1. Special management bulletin: The bulletin which is issued for emergency matters related to management is called special management bulletin. This kind of bulletin must be published promptly.
  2. Management news copy: The less important management issues are published in this news copy. Generally, this new copy is published weekly.
  3. Formal management report: Formal management report is one of the most important media of written communication to management. It emphasizes the upward communication.
  4. Officer’s notebook or handbook: Sometimes high officials are given handbooks by the company in which rules, procedures, principles, work facilities are stated. It acts as a guide of the officer.
  5. Publications: Some organizations publish special journals or publications for the high-level officer. It provides officers information about lost-reduces, safety system, decreases of accident, improvement of quality etc.

B. Media of written communication for employees:

  1. Bulletin for employees: Bulletin is published to inform the employees of emergency and important matters within a very short time. Generally, it is hanging on a notice board.
  2. Newspaper: Newspaper is a widely used medium to communicate with employees. Company’s planning, policy, procedure objectives, problems is published in it to inform employees. Generally, it is published weekly.
  3. Publication of monthly paper: Some large companies publish it to inform everything to the employees. The company’s role and plan are also stated here.
  4. Letters: Letter is one of the most important media of written communication for employees. Sometimes the higher authority sends letter to the employee without asking any response.
  5. Employee’s notebook: Sometimes the management supplies notebook to the employees in which speech of executives, history of the organization, planning, policy, order for the work are stated.
  6. Reading rack: Necessary books for the employees can be arranged on the shelf so that they can read and get knowledge.
  7. Notice: Notice is an important medium to communicate with employees. By which the employees are invited to attend a special meeting.
  8. Internal circular: It is one of the most important media of written communication. It is used for internal communication. When all the employees are informed at a time, internal circular is used.
  9. Daily Newspaper: Daily newspaper is used to warn the employees due to a long absence from the organization. Sometimes it is used as a precious notice before termination.
  10. Complain Book: A complains book can be kept in a definite place so that the employees can write their complaints about it.
  11. Memo: Memo is a popular medium of internal written communication. A memo is a short form of letter usually used to communicate with the employees of the same organization.
  12. Report: Report is an organized statement of facts and findings that contains information obtained by proper inquiry and examination and evaluation of any past event relating to a particular subject or problem that helps to decision making.
  13. Other media: Salary envelope, annual financial reports or statements, Note sheets, Question box, Essay competition etc.


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