Advantages and Disadvantages of Memo in Business Communication

Memo is the most commonly used written tool of internal communication. Managers heavily rely on the use of memo because of its following important advantages:

Advantages of Memo

Avoiding Distortion of Information: Memo helps to avoid distortion in messages that occur in internal oral communication.

Avoiding Misunderstanding: Memo provides all concerned with the same information. Therefore, there is little chance of any misunderstanding between the recipients of a message.

Preserving Information: Since memo is a written document, it can be preserved. Such preservation develops an information base in the organization and any one can access it whenever he needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Memo

Maintaining Consistency: Memo also helps managers to maintain consistency in their actions and decisions for recurring problems. By examining the previous records, they solve similar problems in a similar way.

Quick Exchange of Information: The use of memo is restricted within the boundary of the organization. Therefore, through writing memo any information can be exchanged throughout the whole organization very quickly.

Concise Presentation of Information: Memo is generally written concisely. Whatever the subject of memo is, it is written directly and concisely.

Less Expensive: Memo is a less expensive medium of communication. It does not require any mail or telephone expenses.

Use as Reference in Future: Since memo is a written document, it can be preserved and used as reference in future.

Disadvantages of Using Memo

Memo is a written means of internal communication. Although it is widely used in exchanging information within the organization, it has some limitations. The followings are some of its major disadvantages or limitation of using memo:

Limited Field of Application: The use of memo is restricted only within the boundary of the organization. It cannot be used in communication with any external party.

Not Suitable to the Illiterate People: Office memo is a kind of written communication. Therefore, it has no utility to the illiterate people.

Lace of Explanation: Memo is generally written concisely. Therefore, it does not provide any explanation or clarification of message to its readers.

Problem in Modification: If memo circulates any wrong information inadvertently, it cannot be revised instantly. For necessary rectification, it requires circulation of corrigendum.

Time Consuming: Formal memo requires time for drafting and circulating it to the various parties.


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