Types of communication process | Classification of communication procss

Since information flows from one person to another in one-way or two-way dimensions, the process of communication may be different. Generally, the following forms of communication processes are found:

  • One-way communication process: When information flows in one direction it is known as one-way communication. In this communication process, information flows form sender to receiver and receiver does not send any feedback to the sender. One-way process of communication can be shown is the following figure:

One-way communication process

  • Two-way communication process: Two-way communication occurs when receiver sends his response or feedback to sender’s message. Communication process basically indicates the two-way process whereby both the sender and receiver can understand each other’s view or opinion. It is also known as circuit communication process. The two-way process of communication is shown below:

Two-way communication process

Figure: Two-way communication process

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  1. yafet hadgu says:

    what is sender resiver feed back ?

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