Objectives of circular letter

The objectives of circular letter are many folds. Generally, circular letter passes business related information to a huge number of readers. However, it may also circulate non-business information. Circular letter is drafted and distributed for attaining three sets of objectives: business objective, personal objective and social objective. These purposes of circular letter are also known as the situations requiring circular letters. These objectives or situations are discussed below:

A. Business objectives: Circular letter is written for the following two business objectives:

1. Circulating business information: The primary objective of circular letter is to distribute information relating to business. Circular letter usually circulates the following business information:

    • Launching a new business
    • Expansion of existing business in any new field
    • Changing the nature of business
    • Opening or closing branches of the business
    • Changing the name of the business
    • Shifting the address of the business
    • Discharging any officer, executive, agent or representative of the business
    • Employing any new business executive or agent
    • Admission of new partner
    • Retirement or death of any existing partner
    • Cancellation of any business deal or contract
    • Entering into any new business contract
    • News regarding increase or decrease of price
    • News regarding trademarks, registered brand etc.
    • Amalgamation of some business units and
    • Winding up of business partly or wholly

2. Increasing demand for the products: Business circular letter also aims at increasing products demand. In this case, circular letter contains the following information:

    • Innovation of new product
    • Quality improvement of existing products
    • Import of any new products
    • Marketing of new products
    • Decease or increase in product price
    • Decease or increase in product price
    • Any special discount or reduction in price
    • News relating to any business award or certificate such ISO 9001

B. Personal objective: Circular letter may be used to circulate the name and fame achievement, contribution etc. of an individual.

C. Social objective: Circular letter can also be drafted highlighting the social or national problems with a view to build public awareness.

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