Difference between business letter and personal letter

The business letter refers to formal written letter where business-related issues and information are exchanging with the suppliers, customers, banks, insurance companies and other external parties of the organization.

On the other hand, personal letter is written for exchanging personal or family affairs with family members, relatives, friends, lovers, teachers, students etc. are known as personal letter.

The differences between business letter and personal letter are as follows:

Comparison between business letter and personal letter

Basis Business letter Personal letter

  1. Nature: Business letter or commercial letter it is impersonal and universal in nature. Personal letter it fully personal in nature.
  2. Purpose: Business letter is exchanging various business-related issues and information. Personal letter is exchanging personal or family related affairs and information.
  3. Scope: Business letter scope is wide and contains various types of business information. Personal letter scope is limited and contains only personal information.
  4. Structure: Business letter follow the officially recognized structure. Personal letter does not follow any recognized structure.
  5. Formality: Business letter it maintains formal rules and procedure. Personal letter it is informal.
  6. Size: Business letter generally it is concise in size and avoids irrelevant matter. Personal letter it may be concise or large in size.
  7. Types: Business letter it can be categorized differently. Personal letter generally it cannot be categorized.
  8. Salutation: Business letter salutation is sir, dear sir, dear Mr. x etc. Personal letter salutation is Dear friends, my dear x, dear x etc.
  9. Language: Business letter language should be easy and simple. Personal letter language may easy, poetic, emotional etc.
  10. Copy: Business letter copy of business letter is preserved. Personal letter copy of personal letter may not be preserved.
  11. Method: Business letter it uses direct and persuasive method. Personal letter it uses only direct method.



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