Advantage and disadvantage of formal communication

Merits or advantages or important of formal communication:

The main advantages of formal communication are given below

  • Increase overall efficiency: This type of communication is used by following the predetermined rules so it increases the overall efficiency of the organization.
  • Easy communication system: The top level management communicates with their employees by using formal downward communication system. Again the employees communicate with their higher authority to use this system. It is very much easy to communicate with each other.
  • Permanent record: The copy of formal communication is always preserved in the file and it is used as reference. As a result, it is easy to seek the copy of it if necessary.
  • Quick accomplishment of work: Sometimes the rapid communication is to be needed with the employees. To use the formal downward communication system it is possible to communicate with the employees quickly. So the work may be done timely.
  • Maintenance of discipline: Under the formal communication system the workers are bound to be careful to their own duty. So ultimately it makes discipline in the organization.
  • Ease of cooperation and coordination: Cooperation and coordination is very much essential to carry out the business activity smoothly. Formal communication is a part of coordination. So, coordinated activities can be done properly and easily through formal communication.
  • Use as reference: Documents of formal communication is recorded by the organization. So, these recorded documents are used as a source of the employees.
  • Ease of delegation of authority: Authority is delegated by the superiors to the subordinates through the help of this communication.
  • Free from mistakes: Since formal communication has well-defined rules and regulations. So, there is a little chance of mistakes in exchanging information within the employees.
  • Others: Increasing attention, reliability, accuracy, smooth communication system, free form distortion, easy to understand, increasing company goodwill, etc.

Formal communication has many advantages, but it is not defective.

These disadvantages of formal communication are given below

  • Wastage of time: Top-level management communicates with their employees by maintaining the board of succession, not by-passing any executive or any level. That is why it takes a lot of time and it wastages much time of the concerned person.
  • Inflexibility: Ordinarily the formal communication is inflexible. If somebody out of the channel intends to change his views it is not possible. Even when it is needed to change, it is very much difficult.
  • Lack of initiative: Under this communication system everybody does their duty by following specific predetermined system. So it makes the obstacle to develop the creativeness of the employee.
  • Authoritarian attitude: In this system the sender is higher authority and the receiver is lower staffs. Generally the superior’s order cannot be disobeyed. It creates an authoritarian culture in the organization.
  • Lack of cordiality: In the formal communication system the subordinate staffs strictly follow the order of superior authority. So the implementer of the order does not obey their duty properly.
  • Costly: In this system the organization policy and rules are obeyed properly. Sometimes it creates crucial situation and it is a time being factor. For these, the cost of formal communication system is higher than those of others.
  • Others: Lack of personal relation, delay in decision making, not suitable for motivation, creates misunderstanding, create mental distance.


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