What is Notice of Meeting? Prerequisites of a Valid Notice

Meaning of notice of meeting Notice means an invitation in writing to the concerned persons for attending in the meeting. Preparing and serving notice is an essential requirement of a valid meeting. If the authority fails to serve notice to any one of the eligible members, the meeting will be invalid. Every notice of meeting should contain the following contents:

What is Notice of Meeting

  • Type of the meeting such as annual general meeting, extraordinary general meeting, board meeting etc.
  • Date, time and place of the meeting.
  • Agenda for the meeting.

In case of company meetings, the companies act provides specific time limit for sending notice to the concerned parties prior to meeting. According to the companies’ act 1994, the minimum time length for sending notice prior to meeting is as follows:What is Notice of Meeting

Prerequisites of a Valid Notice or, Essentials of a valid notice

Serving notice is essential for holding meeting. It is generally prepared and sent to the members before the date of the meeting. However, a valid notice should fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Written, signed and sent by the proper person: Notice of the meeting must be prepared, signed and sent by the proper and competent person. Otherwise, it will not be treated as a valid notice.
  • Mentioning the place, date and time of the meeting: A valid notice must clearly specify the place, date and time of holding the meeting.
  • Date of writing notice: Generally, notice is served before holding the meeting. Therefore, the notice must contain the date on which it is being prepared and sent to justify that notice is served before holding the meeting.
  • Unconditional: the notice of the meeting must be unconditional. If any condition is put on the notice, it will be declared invalid.
  • Sending notice by using appropriate media: The notice should be sent to its recipients by using appropriate media like messengers, mail, Currier etc. generally, the name of the media through which the notice is to be sent to its recipients is mentioned in the articles or bylaws of the organizations. Otherwise, any ongoing custom is followed in sending the notice.
  • Sending to the eligible persons: The notice must be sent to the persons who are eligible to attend the meeting. Notice should not be sent to any person who is not legally authorized to attend the meeting.
  • Enclosing agenda: The notice is generally sent to the recipients by enclosing agenda with it. It helps the members in taking prior preparation for the meeting.
  • Clarity and cleanliness: The notice must clearly specify the objective and purpose of the meeting. The message of the notice should be prepared by using simple, definite, unambiguous and clear-cut language.
  • Enclosures: Sometimes it is necessary to enclose relevant documents such as a statement of accounts, minutes of the immediate last meeting, proxy form etc. are enclosed along with the notice.


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