What Is Audible Communication In Business

Audible communication is an important method of non-verbal communication. When communication is done by using any non-word sound, it is called audible communication. In this method of communication message is conveyed to the receiver by reaching sound to his car.

By hearing the sound the listener perceives the message and sends reaction as regard to the sender’s message. Horns of motor vehicles, sound of calling bells, alarm of clocks, telephone rings, school-bells etc. are the prominent media of audible communication. It is often called audio communication.Audible Communication

Media Of Audible Communication

When communication is done by reaching any non-word sound to the listener’s ear, it is called audible communication. Different sounds are used for conveying different messages in audible communication. The prominent media of audible communication are as follows:


According to Lasikar and Pettit, “paralanguage involves how we say something.” The word ‘para’ means ‘like.’ Thus, paralanguage means like language.

Basically, paralanguage is related to the variation of voice in speaking. While speaking, the speaker’s speech may be fast or slow, high or deep, smooth, or disjoint etc.

The meaning of a same utterance may differ due to different voice tone. For example, if any one is asked to do a particular work, he may answer in either of the manner – ‘No’ or ‘N…O…. o…’ In the first answer it is clear that the person is not willing at all to do the work. But the second answer implies that the person will do the work if he is requested further.


Siren means any prolonged high sound to warn somebody or to communicate with somebody. It is also an important medium of audible communication.

It expresses different meanings in different situations. For example, at the time of war, siren signifies probable attack by the enemy, during the month of Ramadan siren is given at evening and dawn to indicate the time of ‘iftar’ and ‘sehery’ respectively.

Calling Bell

Another important method of visual communication is calling bell which is generally used at home and office. In office superiors use calling bell to call their attendant. At home calling bell is used for requesting someone staying inside the home to open the door.

Ringing Bell

Ringing bell is also used for conveying information. For example, school bell goes for conveying the message that the class time is started or it is over.


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