Types Of Interviews In Business Communication

It is very difficult to identify the exact types of interview. Interviews are generally conducted by social workers, insurance investigators, journalists,doctor, lawyers and so on.

In actual practise, there are many types of interviews depending on the objectives of conducting interview.

However, the commonly found interviews in business are discussed below:Types of Interviews

Types of Interviews

Employment Interview

Employment interview is one through which job applicants are being tested and evaluated. It is a formal face- to- face oral question-answer session between job applicants and employer.

Employment interview is a part of selection process. The main purpose of this interview is to select the best-suited candidate for the job.

Job Performance Interview

Job performance interview is an interview which is conducted by the supervisors to evaluate the performance of the subordinates.

The purposes of this interview are to select the subordinates for promotion, salary increases, traning etc. This interview is also known as performance appraisal interview.

Disciplinary Interview

It is a type of interview through which employees are reprimanded for actions that are inconsistent with the company policy and procedure.

This type of interview is conducted to improve employees’ behavior and performance.

Grievance Interview

Grievance interview is one where aggrieved employees express their dissatisfaction regarding acts or policies of the supervisors or of the company.

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Persuasive Interview

When interview is conducted to persuade the interviewee to take a specific action, it is termed as persuasive interview.

In a democratic organization, supervisor’s guidelines or suggestions. Through this interview, superiorsalso seek opinions or suggestions from the subordinates for necessary adjustment or rectification.

Terminal Interview

When interview is arranged to determine the causes for which employees leave the organization, it is called terminal interview.

It is also known as exit interview. This interview may be conducted with the outgoing employees or with the organization people at supervisory level.

Data – gathering interview

It is an interview through which the interviewers seeks answer to a specific group of questions from the interviewee.

Mainly, this type of interview is conducted to know the opinions of the consumers, demand of the product and so on.

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