Participants Responsibilities in Meeting

The participants of a meeting other than the chairperson attend the meeting not just complete the quorum. They have also some responsibilities and can make some positive contribution there. The members can play important roles in making the meeting and its proceedings worthwhile. The followings are the important points to the followed by the participants in meeting.

Participants Responsibilities in Meeting

Taking preparation for the meeting: Whoever is the participant of the meeting must take necessary preparation before attending the meeting. In taking preparation the following points should be

  • Reading the agenda of the meeting and taking preparation on the points where he can make valuable contribution.
  • Every participant should read carefully the notice of the meeting and other related documents in order to find the background information of the meeting.
  • Arranging the necessary visual aids if needed
  • If the participant is a newer one in delivering speech in the meeting, he should practice if at home.
  • Observing the other members: In this stage, characteristics, taste, liking, disliking, attitude, feelings, the way of speaking and reaction etc. of other participants should be observed keenly. An understanding of strengths and weaknesses of other participants of the meeting enables a person to device the most effective way of dealing with them.Participants Responsibilities in Meeting
  • Speaking at the most appropriate time: It is the norms of the meeting to speak at the most appropriate time. A number of good speeches go waste simply because they are not are not well timed. Generally, it is recommended to speak at the beginning of the point if the speaker has sufficient preparation on that point.
  • Control of anger: In presenting the own speech and hearing the speeches of others, the members should control their tempers, annoyances, angers, emotions, excitements etc.
  • Flexible and accommodating attitude: The members in the meeting must have an attitude to honor the opinions and outlooks of others. They should be flexible and accommodating in offering floor to others and also in hearing the speeches of others. The members should remember that flat opposition only triggers off angry reactions.
  • Not to show lecturing patronizing and condemning attitude: In delivering the meeting none should show lecturing, advising and patronizing attitude in speech or deliver speech to pinch others or condemn others. Such attitude creates bad impression about the speaker.
  • Not to make lengthy speech: Everybody should late active part in proceeding the meeting. This creates the meeting livelier. Therefore no member should make his speech lengthy. Lengthy speech of one may deprive others form delivering their speech.
  • Abiding by the instructions of the chairperson: Every meeting is presided over by a chairperson. The participants of the meeting should abide by the instructions of the chairperson. They should take their seats put their signatures on the attendance sheet, cast votes and deliver speech as per the instructions of the chairperson.


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