Different Parts of a Business Memo | Sample Memo

Here you will get Different structure or parts of a memo. There are usually three main parts to a memo:1. The heading 2. The subject and date 3. The message.

1. The Heading: The heading of a memorandum is usually printed. It contains the name of the organization and ‘To’ and ‘From’ sections. Make sure you address the reader by this or her correct name and job title. Be specific and concise in your subject line.
In section ‘To’, a courtesy title – Miss, Mrs., Mr., Dr. is often included. But in section ‘From’ the write does not use a courtesy title. The heading segment follows this general format:

Sample of the memo heading

2. The subject and Date: The subject is a brief statement telling what the memo is about. The subject line is not a complete sentence but rather a concise phrase which indicates some specific information. The date of writing memo is also important to take action in time.

Sample of the memo Subject and Date

3. The message: Message is the main body of a memo. The message contains the following matters:

(a) Introduction: The message represents the main idea in the first paragraph. it is called the background of the information.
(b) Details: In the second paragraph you should write details about information to support the introduction. It should be logical and separate into paragraph.
(c) Response: It is called the action statement. In this paragraph you should state: action you want to reader to take, Action you will take, Action that you are requested to take, Dead line etc.

Specimen copy of memo

A policy memo

A policy memo Without Heading

A policy memo 4

Specimen Directive Memo No 5

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