Cause of failure of oral communication

The main causes of failure of oral communication are discussed below:

  1. Overconfidence: Self-confidence is necessary to communicate orally. But over-confidence can destroy the objectives of communication.
  2. Language problem: Speaker’s language must be understandable to the receiver. Otherwise the communication may be failure.
  3. Business of sender: One of the major causes of failure of oral communication is the business of the speaker. Often oral communication is completed rapidly. So the subject matter of the communication may not be clear to the receiver.
  4. Poor or defective presentation: Accurate presentation of information is necessary for all kinds of communication. In oral communication pour a defective presentation causes the communication failure.
  5. Emotions: The speaker or sender should control his or her emotion at the time of exchanging information. Otherwise the communication may be failure.
  6. Lack of planning: Oral communication can be failed due to properly plan. Before exchanging information the communicator should take proper plan.
  7. Sluggishness: Sometimes it takes much time of communicator to complete the communication of a little matter. So the receiver may lose his patience.
  8. Receiver’s ability: Effective oral communication largely depends on the ability of the receiver. If the receiver of the message is unable to understand the objectives of the message the communication may be failure.
  9. Personality and status: Effective oral communication also depends on the personality and status of the communicator. If the receiver takes the speaker less-personality, the communication may be failure.
  10. Inattention: Receiver’s attention is a must for effective oral communication. If the receiver’s are less attentive, the goal of the communication cannot be achieved.
  11. Other: Lack of evolution, Interruption by the receiver, Usages of difficult words and sentences, Negligence of the receiver.


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