Sample of personal status inquiry letter

Sample or Specimen-1: Mr. John has applied for the job of sales representative in the Mick Telecom Pvt. Ltd., 27, Washington, New York. He gave the reference of Mr. Michel, Manger, and customer service department, Jack Automobile servicing Ltd., Agrabad, and Chittagong. Write a personal status inquiry letter to Mr. Michel.

Mick Telecom Pvt. Ltd.
27, Washington, New York

Ref: …………………………………….
December 10, 2019

Mr. Michel
Manager, Customer Service Department
Jack Automobile Servicing Ltd.
Agrabad, Chittagong

Dear Mr. Michel,

Mr. Jonson, a former employee of your company, mentioned your name as reference in his application for the post of sales representative in our company. You are kindly requested to supply the following information:

  1. How long Mr. Jonson worked in your organization?
  2. How efficient he is in oral and written communication skills?
  3. How much you are satisfied with his behavior and his performance?
  4. What is his major limitation?
  5. Why did he leave your company?
  6. What is your comment on his morale?

Your information will enable us to make a correct decision about Mr. Jonson. Any information provided will be kept secret. A prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

(John Sena)
Manager, Human Resource Department

A properly stamped return envelope containing company addresses

Sample of personal status inquiry letter
Sample of personal status inquiry letter


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