How can you make downward communication effective?

On the basis of nature, time and importance of the message that will be sent, media of communication will be selected. The followings are the important media of downward communication.

  1. Oral media: When important message to be delivered to the sub-ordinate and others openly, then oral media is sued.
  2. Written media: When organization’s goal, plan, method, work structure etc. will be sent to sub-ordinate, then written media will be used.
  3. Audio media: When some order, instruction of message is required to circulate to other sub-ordinates then audio media is the best alternative.
  4. Visual media: Some multimedia companies circulate their program through visual media.
  5. Audio-visual media: When communication takes place by using both sound and picture, it is known as audio-visual communication. Such as TV, Cinema, Multimedia projector etc.

How can you make downward communication effective? or Essential elements of effective downward communication.downward communication effective

Essentials of effective downward communication are following:

  1. Idea about organization: The superiors have to know details about the organizational objectives, procedures, activities, achievements etc. and later to inform subordinates, and then downward communication will be effective.
  2. Detail information: Required information that will be sent to subordinates should be detail. If so, the downward communication will be effective.
  3. Decentralization: If duties and responsibilities are decentralized to various departments, then downward communication should be effective.
  4. Proper channel/media: In downward communication, information should be reached to the destination through the proper channel.
  5. Idea about receiver’s knowledge: If useful message are sent to receiver on the basis of their awareness, then communication should be effective.
  6. Willingness: If sender and receiver of the message tame willingly and sincerely then communication will be effective.
  7. Positive communication attitudes: In downward communication, superiors and subordinates both parties should positive communication attitudes.
  8. Developing communication plan: Without developing communication plan, effective downward communications are not ensured.
  9. Shortening the communication line: If shortening the communication line, downward communication will more effective.
  10. Necessary explanation and feedback: Providing necessary explanation and feedback is another prerequisite of effective downward communication.
  11. Building trust: Effectiveness of downward communication mostly depends on building good trust between superiors and subordinates.
  12. Creating inspiration: Top level executives should create inspiration to do the work of the organization.
  13. Evaluation of employee’s attitudes: Top level executives should properly evaluate the employee’s attitudes towards works and organization before communicating with them.
  14. Following the chain of hierarchy: Effectiveness of downward communication mostly depends on the transmitting the message following the chain of hierarchy.

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