How to Write a Memo || Ways of Preparing Memo (Template & Examples)

Preparing memo is a complex matter. In preparing memo, due attention should be given to the messages and receivers. At the same time, clarity of message should be maintained and excessive wording should be avoided.

The following techniques should be kept in mind while writing office memo.

How to Write a Memo


Tone of office memo depends on its direction and importance of the message. Upward moving memo is more formal than the horizontal and downward moving memos.

Because upward moving memo goes from subordinates to superiors. Again, memo carrying important message is always written formally. On the other hand, informal memo is written to convey less important message.

An informal memo containing less important message and a formal memo containing important message are given below:

Informal Memo

Formal Memo

Content is an important part of a memo. The writer should take clear idea about the subject matter that he wants to convey. In writing the contents of memo, proper procedure should be followed.

In order to make the memo understandable to the readers, background information should also be considered in outlining the content of memo.


Using proper technique of writing memo certainly improves the quality of memo. The following are the techniques of improving the quality of memos:

  • For each subject separate memo should be written. This will simplify the writing job and reduce the confusion of the readers about the subject matters.
  • The contents of memo should be discussed in different short paragraphs to make each point clearer to the readers. Number can be assigned to any series of items.
  • When reply is expected from the receiver, necessary space should be kept at the bottom of the memo. Receiver’s response comes faster if it is easy for the receiver to reply.
  • Referring the previous communication by subject and date as background information. It makes the massage consistent and understandable to the receivers.
  • When immediate response is required, a copy of previous communication or memo should be enclosed with the subsequent memo. This helps to avoid delay caused by receiver’s searching for the referred letter or memo.


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