Medias or ways or forms of visual communication

When communication takes place by means of any visual aid, it is known as visual communication. Such as facial expression, gesture, eye contact, signals, map, chart, poster, and slide, sign etc.

1. Body language: Some parts of our body can express many indications without any sound. Message can be transmitted with the help of our body movements which is called body language. Body language is a form of visual communication, which consists of posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye movements etc.

  • Facial expression: A facial expression is one or more motions or positions of the muscles in the skin of face. Facial expressions for happiness, sadness, anger and fear are similar throughout the world. Proverb says, “Face is the index of mind.”
  • Gestures: Gestures refers to visible bodily actions communicate particular messages which include movement of the hands, face, eyes, head or other parts of the body.
  • Posture: Posture indicates the position in which we hold the body when standing or sitting. It can help to communicate visually.
  • Appearance and dress: Our clothes and dresses provide a good visual signal to our interest, age, personality, taste and sex. Our choice of color, clothing, hairstyles and other factors affecting appearance are also considered a means of visual communication. Research on color psychology has demonstrated that different colors can evoke different moods.
  • Touch: Touch is culturally determined; but each culture has a clear concept of what parts of the body one may not touch. Basic message of touch is to affect or control-protect, support and disapprove [(i.e. hug, kiss, hit, kick)].

2. Space or proximity: People often refer to their need for “Personal space”, which is also an important type of visual communication. If someone you don’t know stands too close or touches too often, you will probably begin to feel uncomfortable.

3. Distance: Distance is also an important type of visual communication tool. The physical distance between the people expresses the degree or level of intimacy, acceptance and comfort.

4. Visual symbols: Visual symbols are also used from long ago. For example, pigeon, tiger and white flag are used as the symbol of peace, brave and alliance respectively.

5. Signal: Signal is use in various situations as the tool of visual communication.

6. Table, chart, diagram etc: Table, chart, diagram etc. are used in data presentation.

Presentation methods of visual communication: There are many ways through which information and message can be presented. If you want to ensure the effectiveness of the presentation, you should select the most appropriate way. Some of the ways of presenting information are: Tabulation, bar charts, line graph, pie charts, pictograms, maps, diagrams, cartograms, flow charts, visual planning boards, commuter graphics, Gantt charts etc.



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