Importance of Business Letter

Letter is as an indispensable tool of communication in business. Business letters are used to sell the products, make inquiry about customers or prices of goods, seek information and advice, maintain good public relation, increase goodwill and perform a variety of other business functions. With the continuous growth of commerce and industry, usefulness and importance […]

Factors to be considered in writing Collection Letter

Collection letters are written in a series. Each successive letter becomes stronger in tone. However, letters should be written in such a way so as to collect the dues promptly by maintaining relationships with the customers. a through consideration of the following factors may help the seller to achieve the goal of wringing collection letters. […]

Purposes of Business Letter

There are wide varieties of business letters like circular letter, inquiry letter, order letter, collection letter etc. all these letters serve important and multidimensional business purposes. The major purposes or objectives of writing business letters are discussed below: To exchange information: The main purpose of business letter is to exchange information related to business. Through […]