Mass Communication Process

Communication process consists of a progression of stages by which message is transmitted form sender to receiver. The usual process of communication includes sender, encoding, message, channel, and receiver, decoding and feedback. Mass communication process also entails some sequential steps to transmit a message. However, the process of mass communication is somewhat different from interpersonal […]

The Effectiveness of Downward Communication

Although organizations extensively use downward communication, effectiveness and success of this communication is hindered by some factors. These factors are discussed below: Incompleteness: Sometimes it is observed that executives send message to their subordinates without any explanation and clarification. As a result, the subordinates cannot understand the accurate meaning of the message and often confuse […]

Functions of Mass Communication

Mass communication serves public messages quickly to a large number of people who are far away from the source of information. The scope of mass communication is very extensive and it deals with a variety of objectives. Its significant objectives are discussed below: To inform people: The most fundamental objectives of mass communication is to […]