Qualifications of a Private Secretary

The prime Objective of employing private secretary is to relieve is to relieve the over burdened administrators, executives, businessperson, politicians, educationists, novelists etc. Therefore, the private secretaries should have some minimum qualifications so that they can perform some of their employer duties. The desired qualifications that the private secretaries should posses are as follows: Educational […]

Functions of a Private Secretary

It is impossible to formulate a specific list of functions of private secretary. The functions of a private secretary mainly depend on the nature of his employer’s business. He has to perform as he is asked by his master. However, the following functions are generally performed by the private secretaries: Routine Office Works: Private Secretaries […]

Meaning of Organizational Communication

Organizational communication is the exchange of information, ideas, and views within and outside the organization. Organizational communication indicates communication not only in business but also in hospitals, churches, government agencies, military organization, and academic institutions. Every organization whether business or non-business, has some specific goals and stakeholders. Attainment of those goals depends on successful communication […]