Advantages and Disadvantages of Horizontal Communication

Horizontal communication is essential for smooth functioning of organizational activities and for interdepartmental coordination. This type of communication is especially important for larger scale enterprise. The followings are the main benefits that can be derived from horizontal communication. Coordination: Organizational activities are divided into various departments or groups. Horizontal communication facilities coordination of various departmental […]

Importance of Non Verbal Communication

The use or application of non verbal communication is as important as the verbal communication is in different areas of our life. Different non verbal cues are widely used, separately or along with the verbal messages. The importance of non verbal communication can be discussed through its various uses and applications as follow: Instant Effect: […]

Meaning of Communication Skills

Communication skills are the ability to use language (receptive) and express (expressive) information. Communication skills includes lip reading, finger-spelling, sing language; for interpersonal skills use, interpersonal relations. Communication skills represent those skills with which people use to communicate with others. Communication skills refer to the repertoire of behaviors that serve to convey information for the […]