Conditions or Features of Business Letter

Well drafted and well structured business letter greatly contributes to business success. Business letter helps to create new relationships and to strengthen existing relationships. Therefore such letter should fulfil certain conditions or qualities. The essential qualities or conditions of business letter use the following:   Simplicity of language: Business letter should be written in easy, […]

Importance of Circular Letter

Circular letter is one of the most important letters which is written most frequently. Its importance in business requires no explanation. A well furnished circular letter is quite able to win the hearts of many customers at a time. It contributes a lot to combat competition. The importance of circular letter in modern business in […]

What is joining letter? | Specimen of joining letter

Job searching process ends with the joining letter of the selected candidate. After selecting a candidate, employer sends appointment letter mentioning the terms and conditions of the job. Receiving the appointment letter from employer, the candidate may accept or reject the job offer. When a candidate accepts the job offer from the employer and decides […]