Overcome the Communication Barriers in Business

The following measures can be taken to overcome the communication problems that exist in the business enterprises of any country: Developing flat organization structure: In modern time, organizations prefer flat structure to tall one. Flat structure has fewer heretical levels that reduce communication gap between superiors and subordinates. Therefore, business enterprises in any country should […]

Non Verbal Communication Types

Non Verbal Communication Types It is a way of making others react with ideas, thoughts, feelings and values transmitting the information or conveying the message. Here are seven other nonverbal communications that, if you do correctly, will improve your chances of landing the job.Communication is the exchange of information between people by means of speaking, […]

Communication Skills Types

Effective communication involves the most accurate and proper way of sending and receiving of information, news, ideas, thoughts, etc. in which both parties mutually understand and response. The different type of communication skills are as follows: Listening skills: Listening is one of the most important aspects of effective communication. Successful listening means not just understanding […]