Meaning of Letter | Meaning of Commercial Letter | Business Letter

Letters are the most widely and commonly used means of written communication. It is perhaps the most traditional written tool for conveying message. When someone writes or prints message on a piece of paper and sends it to others, it is called letter. Letter can be sent directly hand to hand or by means of […]

Functions of Memo

Memo transmits information relating to day-to-day activities of an organization. It generally carries orders, instructions, policies, procedures etc. From higher level to lower level of the organization. It is also used to convey suggestions and requests from lower level to upper level. However, the following are the main foundations of memo- Conveying information: For better […]

Characteristics of Mass Communication

Mass communication is very similar to other forms of communication. It involves people, messages, channels, noise etc. However, it possesses the following special characteristics or features in addition to the characteristics of general communication- Large number of audiences: The most important characteristic of mass communication is that its audiences are relatively large. Audiences of mass […]