Role of Mass Communication in Business

Mass communication is an indispensable part of business. Business activities would be restricted without mass media. In this post modern age, the success of business largely depends on mass communication. The role of mass communication in business is mentioned below- Launching business: Media of mass communication are used to make wide circulation of news regarding […]

Advantage and disadvantage of formal communication

Merits or advantages or important of formal communication: The main advantages of formal communication are given below Increase overall efficiency: This type of communication is used by following the predetermined rules so it increases the overall efficiency of the organization. Easy communication system: The top level management communicates with their employees by using formal downward […]

What is informal communication or Grapevine? | Characteristics

Meaning of grapevine or informal communication: When an organization does not follow any prescribed or official rules or procedures of the organization is called informal communication. The basis of informal communication is spontaneous relationship among the participants. Informal communication system is the opposite system of formal communication. In this system the communication is made without […]