Pre-requisites of a Valid Meeting in Business Studies

Pre-requisites of a Valid Meeting There are different types of meetings. Whatever be the type of meeting, it must fulfill the following pre-requisites: Called by competent authority: Meetings should be called by the competent authority. If the competent authority does not call the meeting, it will be invalid. In case of company meeting, board of […]

Definition of Meeting and Objective of Meeting

Definition of Meeting is a medium of oral communication. It is generally a gathering or assembly or two or more people to discuss or exchange views on any matter of common interest. The issues of discussion in meeting are usually determined earlier. Meeting is a common event in business, school, political, religious or in state […]

Advantages of Interview | Merits of Interview

Interview is a formal technique of oral communication. It is an effective mechanism of knowing one’s opinion, attitude, idea, intelligence, ability and depth of knowledge. The advantages of interview or merits of interview are discussed below: Quick exchange of information: Interview is a kind of oral communication. Through interview information is exchanged in the form […]